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Twitch will pay more for the gaps in the future

Twitch will pay more for the gaps in the future

Last week, an extensive source code from Twitch was leaked online. The platform is now ramping up payouts in its bug bounty program.

The basics in brief

  • In the future, more money will be paid to Twitch for the reported vulnerabilities.
  • Depending on priority, finders can get up to $5,000 USD.
  • Twitch is reacting to the data leak that surfaced last week.

He settled because he was not satisfied with the platform hacker Large portions of Twitch’s source code were unlocked last week. As a result, quite a few came data Like passwords and also Advantages of the most successful banners open minded. Now the streaming service is reacting and promising more money to bug hunters.

Make money from loopholes on Twitch

to the future So that you can fill security holes fasterThe platform is increasingly dependent on the community. So if you find and report a code leak, you can soon cash in properly. Depending on priority, Twitch wants up to 5,000 USdollar Instead of “only” $3,000dollar pay off.

With lower priority levels there are still 2000, 500 or 300 USdollar to get rid of it. The amount depends on the severity of the vulnerability that is found.

While Twitch’s efforts are certainly honest, the ransom isn’t necessarily the highest. in a google browser About there depending on the reported gap $20,000 rewards Or more.

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