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TuS Lintfort took fourth place

TuS Lintfort took fourth place

Yara Ten Holt said goodbye to the team. A few days ago, she became the champion of Germany with Dortmund in Dortmund and will focus completely in the future on Dortmund in the first German league (Photo: Especially)

Camp Lenfort. With an apparent 34-19 success over poor TG Nürtingen, TuS Lintfort’s second-tier handball players finally took fourth place in the second German league. “If someone had expected it before the season, I would have thought it impossible.” Bettina Greens Klein, the TuS Lintfort coach, said, looking incredibly at the league table, “I would have felt satisfied with fourth place from last.”

In the penultimate home game of the season, their team clearly defeated TG Nürtingen at the end, but they had to fight hard for a long time. The coach said: “The guests presented themselves well in the first twenty minutes and made life difficult for us with their good attacking style.” Your team also played with one mindset, but found no real access in defense. After Lintfort managed to break through with two to three goals, Nürtingen reduced the score to 10-11 and pressed the home side. Until the break, Lintfort increased the pressure and gained a decisive advantage in 19-13.

“With the reassuring leadership behind us, we then increased the pace again in the second half and was clearly successful,” said Bettina Greens-Klein, happy her team never gave up. “We were able to change a lot today and it was great for the quality that we were able to change from the bank,” said Greens Klein. Hannah Haas and Anika Henschel managed to contribute to success with many goals. Yara Ten Holt also showed a strong performance that thwarted many of the guests’ obvious opportunities, especially after the break.