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Turning off the Christmas lights is pointless

Lights out

Bright Christmas needs a lot of electricity

If the little lights stay dark around Christmas, they save a little electricity. But is it worth it in the end? Do we provide power supply with this? Experts refuse.


Manuel Grieder, a lecturer at ZHAW and professor at Fernuni, sees at most the symbolic value in turning off the Christmas lights.


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Could De-Powered Christmas Lights Save Us From Blackouts? Energy expert Mark Iten (42) sees only a small benefit to the power supply in waiver. “This, in my view, is a symbolic policy,” he says. “If we compare the annual hours of Christmas lighting with, say, shop-window lighting, it doesn’t make sense to do without it. We don’t save enough electricity that way. The vast majority of lights are LED and are therefore energy efficient.” a lot of energy.”

Are Christmas lights banned this year?

Switzerland Debates: Are Christmas lights banned this year?(02:43)

Experts from the Zurich Cantonal Electric Company (EKZ), one of Switzerland’s most important energy suppliers, sounded the same. The electricity consumption of public Christmas lights is so small that the amount of electricity is not even known. “In the canton of Zurich, public Christmas decorations are glued to street lighting,” says spokesman Christian Schwarz. “Many municipalities have already switched to LED, which is why the consumption of approximately 70,000 light points for street lighting is hardly significant at 0.4 per cent of Total consumption. General lighting for Christmas is very low by comparison.”