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Turkish Airlines flirts with direct flights to Australia

Turkish Airlines flirts with direct flights to Australia

Turkish Airlines is considering providing uninterrupted connections between Istanbul and Australia in the future.

First flights Sunrise Project by QantasDirect flights to London between Sydney and Melbourne will begin in 2025. Now Turkish Airlines is considering launching non-stop connections from its Istanbul hub to Sydney and Melbourne. Simple flying Reported. However, these will start after two years.

Australia is the only continent where Turkish Airlines has not yet served

Turkish Airlines respectively Durg Hawa Yolari, As the airline will be called in the future, operates from Istanbul Airport to more than 300 destinations around the world. Australia is the only continent where flights are not provided from Turkey. Only code sharing links with Singapore Airlines and Malaysia Airlines bring Turkish Airlines passengers to Australia. Of the airline’s current 318 aircraft, the combination of the desired range and capacity for anything will provide uninterrupted connections.

Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 300ER
The Boeing 777-300ER, which Turkish Airlines already operates, does not have the required range of capacity and range for flights between Istanbul and Australia.

Direct flights between Istanbul and Sydney or Melbourne take about 17 hours. For these ultra-long-haul routes, Turkish Airlines prefers aircraft that offer a good combination of range and efficiency in an economical way. Two aircraft are currently being considered for this business model: the Airbus A350-1000XWB and the Boeing 777X.

Whenever we make a decision about one of those planes, it will be the right one at the right time. Let us see how both types are formed. We do not have to be a publishing customer. We need to look at the proof of maturity of the Boeing 777X or Airbus A350-1000.

Ahmed Bolat, CEO of Turkish Airlines

However, the airline’s board of directors would like to see the development of both aircraft before placing a final order. The first Turkish Airlines flights between Turkey and Australia are expected soon in 2026 and 2027.

Decision on direct flights between Istanbul and Australia

Ultra long distances are a challenge for travelers and staff. However, there is great excitement about how an airplane can fly so far. After the launch of Project Sunrise 2025, the longest path to Down Under may already be next year. We are curious to see if Turkish Airlines will fly to Australia and which flight they will choose.


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