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Tunnel entrance found on Mars - NASA rover with a great image

Tunnel entrance found on Mars – NASA rover with a great image

Discovery of the entrance to a tunnel on Mars. © NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

It looks like NASA’s rover captured a very interesting photo. On Mars there is a kind of tunnel entrance in the rock.

Is there a secret entrance to a tunnel buried in the rocks of Mars? When you see an image of NASA’s Curiosity probe, you might almost think so.

The discovery of a portal on the surface of Mars

A stone wall and tunnel entrance can be seen in the image taken by NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft. This somehow leads to the boulder behind and around it. But what is really behind it? Is it really a secret passage?

NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft has been on the surface of Mars for nearly a decade now, exploring the areas around its landing site. He has already made many important discoveries and brought a lot to science. He also took strange pictures and sent them to Earth.

It cannot be found on Mars

The images from Curiosity are particularly stunning, showing things that cannot or shouldn’t exist on Mars. For example, a while ago, there was a photo that was supposed to show a buried skeleton.

Now, Curiosity has sent out another photo that is causing an uproar. A stone-carved gate that leads to a tunnel carved into the rock is said to be shown here. At first glance, it seems as if the inhabitants of the Red Planet built it.

Searching for life on Mars

Scientists are looking for life on Mars. But differently. It is unlikely that these creatures would knock stone gates into the rocks. Because researchers are actually looking for microbes on Mars.

The researchers say the gate on Mars likely originated from an earthquake. In fact, when looking at a picture, our brain completes what we know. In the mind’s eye we see a clear gate with a tunnel entrance. But in reality it must be a sternum fracture. This may be due to the Martian earthquake. The gate should also be smaller than it appears in the photo.