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Tuifly's first flight: What it's like to fly a Boeing 737 Max

Tuifly’s first flight: What it’s like to fly a Boeing 737 Max

With Tuifly, the first German airline to use the Boeing 737 Max. How did the airline prepare for it and how does the plane feel from a passenger’s point of view.

Flight X3-2252 is one with hundreds of them currently taking place. It brings holiday-hungry Germans to the warm South. However it is also something special. It First official flight aboard the Tuifly Boeing 737 Max Begins.

I drove from Dusseldorf to Andalusia on Thursday, July 29 at about 2:40. “Hello dear passengers, welcome aboard our Boeing 737 on flight Jerez de la Frontera,” said Toffli President Oliver Lachman, in welcoming the passengers. He personally steered the aircraft with the D-AMAX registration to the south.

Security card says Boeing 737-8

Toffli is the first and only German airline to use the Boeing 737 Max. However, more than 30 airlines around the world are now operating the model plane again, including American Airlines, Corendon, GOL, LOTTE, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and United. Since the re-checked Re-approval by aviation authorities They have safely brought millions of travelers to their destination on nearly 100,000 flights.

Toffley doesn’t pressure passengers to board a Boeing 737 Max. But it is not hidden. The model name is not only visible on the back of the fuselage, it can also be read on the control panel display upon entry and on the security card, where the 737-8 is written. This is also how a follower describes the model when an ad is released.

Hardly any questions from the passengers

Tuifly has now trained 30 Boeing 737 Max pilots, who will fly the new model this summer, but will also continue to sit in the cockpit of the Boeing 737-800. “We did a lot more than we asked,” says Lachman. For three days, the cockpit personnel were trained first in theory and then in the simulator.

The cabin crew was also fully trained. The flight attendants were also willing to dispel any concerns or answer any questions passengers might have. On the first unplanned flight last week and also on the first official flight, this hardly happened, according to the airline.

Hardly any questions from the passengers

Although we have absolute confidence in the plane after a second independent check by aviation authorities around the world – two crashes and problems with the plane also falter when the Boeing 737 MAX takes off from the runway in Dusseldorf and makes a brief swing. But once we are in a quieter atmosphere, all of that is forgotten.

The advantages of the Boeing 737 Max are now evident, as while the Toffli benefits from lower fuel consumption and lower noise emissions, the passenger gets a new aircraft and thus more comfort.

Light cabin and comfortable seats

The cabin of the Boeing 737 Max is bright and beautifully lit thanks to the ceiling lighting. There are also really comfortable leather-look seats. Tuifly places up to 189 passengers in the Boeing 737 Max — the same number as the 737-800.

A big advantage: the USB port with which you can charge your smartphone during the flight. Tuifly does not offer WiFi on board. Snacks can be purchased on board, and hot meals such as curries must be ordered well in advance.

In the gallery above, you can see more photos of Tuifly’s first Boeing 737 Max.

The flight caused 140 kilograms of carbon dioxide2. As with all business travel, aeroTELEGRAPH has offset these emissions by supporting afforestation projects and purchasing bio-kerosene through the offset provider. compensation.

The ticket for this flight was provided by Tuifly. AeroTELEGRAPH testers are still free to exercise their judgment. The airline did not influence the content of the article, and did not impose any conditions. This would contravene the Air Code of Conduct.