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Tuesday’s tornado hazards: Super hives bring severe thunderstorms – Meteorology

On Monday afternoon it will be humid in Germany. The cause of contempt is always wet. This is the reason for the occurrence of thunderstorms. In fact, thunderstorms occur in the late afternoon and evening in the southwest. There are also severe thunderstorms. And supercells are not excluded either.

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Thunderstorms also remained active Tuesday evening. This is another indication of the strength of these thunderstorms. The danger zone extends from Breisgau to Franconia on Monday.

Showers and thunderstorms on Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning, new rain and thunderstorms are forming, moving from south to north. Warm air heads north. And with warm air, the risk of thunderstorms increases. Over a wide strip, from Frankfurt am Main to Leipzig, storm-like thunderstorms with significant hail can occur on Tuesday.

The thunderstorm line will also move to the north and east by evening. On a Wednesday night it can hit Berlin too.

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Hurricane risk increases on Tuesday

Thunderstorms on Tuesday are very dangerous. There is an increased danger of a tornado, because there can be supercells here, too. In addition, severe thunderstorms with speeds of up to 100 km/h are likely on Tuesday. Floods should also be expected as a result of heavy rains.

Thunderstorms subside – there is still a risk of flooding

The good news is that thunderstorm air is moving east. Already on Wednesday there will be almost no thunderstorms, and if there are, then at least there is no danger of a hurricane. No longer afraid of storms and hail. However, storm-like rain could still fall on Wednesday, which could be a problem especially in the west where there is a risk of flooding.

But the supercells won’t be back soon. The weather changes and it is finally more stable and summer in Germany. So two more days of severe thunderstorms, then calm now.

Everything points to a great flood event on the Rhine and its tributaries. Extremely heavy rain will cause flooding all over West Germany and our neighboring countries by the end of the week.

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