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TSV Schott Mainz misses out on the jump to pole position

TSV Schott Mainz misses out on the jump to pole position

Defeat 2: 4 in the catch-up game against Engers +++ Goals from Kern and Merkel are not enough +++ Tension plays a role

The score was 210 to zero before kick-off. While TSV Schott Mainz has played more than 120 minutes in the Cup and 90 minutes in the Oberliga over the past seven days, the guests from FV Engers came to the catch-up game and won 4-2 (3-1). It honors the TSV, which was better equipped in the game’s original history, for not using the unfortunate constellation as an excuse. It is indeed an explanation.

“In the last 20 minutes we had more fresh legs, but in the decisive minutes we didn’t have any freshness,” says coach Aydin Ay. Things got off to a good start for Mainz, and the third shot fell. Etienne Portman sends Leon Kern, who puts the ball too far in front to lure the goalkeeper – and then hits with a chip (16). Accepted targets are quickly and easily tracked down. Loss of the ball, a free kick on the goalkeeper, Tim Hansen defending the attackers, which no one expects and therefore does not follow, Sorn Clabert dust (20). A hole in the series, Clutter pulls away, Jonathan Kapp keeps his foot in (23′). A slight bad pass into the crowd, counter-attack, completed Manuel Simmons (33 ‘).

“We got Engers in the game”

We make Engers play, ‘No quarrels,’ but I don’t blame the boys. They did a good job when you look at the overall situation. Bad luck and powerful away goalkeeper Safet Husic blocked goals from Pierre Merkel (49), Manuel Schneider (58), Nimrod Imbay (70) and Johannes Jansmann (71) three of them by standards. The momentum seemed to lie with TSV. Hansen saves near the line The middle with the highest risks, on the other hand, Merkel hits a penalty kick after 60 seconds (63rd place), but the visitors, who responded to the goal 4: 2 (Cape / 73), did not really start. Six good chances and four goals that were effective.

“We were really in control in the second half,” says Tim Müller. “Sometimes we defend so sleepily, it just goes wrong against opponents like that. But this was only the second defeat, there were still enough points to give. Let’s move on.” Ay until Monday, the no-game weekend comes at just the right time. The rested Mainzers then begin the next attack on top of the table.

TSV Schott: Hansen – Opas (78 Zimmermann), Schneider, Haas, Schlosser – Müller – Portmann, Empai (72 Kocchiara) – Kern, Merkel, Gunsmann (Alpbach 83).