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TSV Gau-Odernheim is keeping an eye on the Verbandsliga’s second place

Joe Odernheim. With a stable defense, strong standards and plenty of determination, TSV Gau-Odernheim is advancing to the top of the Verbandsliga. The 3: 0 (0: 0) victory over the recently promoted team SV Hermersberg was fully deserved. Six points, with a match in hand, the duo of Baumholder and Marienbjorn are still on top. “No one is counting on us because we have one game less, and we are enjoying this position,” says coach Christoph Hartmüller.

Fabio Moreno Fil would like to say goodbye to TSV with the promotion games. The top scorer, who will move to the Oberliga Gonsenheim in the summer, said so recently. “Once you get a taste of it, you want to stay there for as long as possible,” says his strike partner Lukas Knell. “Anyone who bets on the three in front of us will definitely get less chances,” Knell also looks at SC Idar-Oberstein, “we are outsiders, but we believe in it as long as it is theoretically possible.”

Knell was the man of the day against the Palatinate, being involved in all three goals. Moreno’s kick, which was hit sharply at the near post, was headed home by the determined 29-year-old (51′). A goal so similar to a coordinated variable that it’s hard to believe how little time TSV invests in set pieces. “We train them in the summer and discuss them before games, but we don’t train them zero to five,” says Hartmüller.

Controversial foul on Lucas Knell

Knell was fouled before Moreno’s penalty to make it 2-0 (54), although the scene was judged differently. The man at fault himself says: “First he gets away from me, then he plays ball. You don’t necessarily have to give in,” was Hartmüller’s first impression. One can imagine the view of the Palatinate. It was indisputable that it was 3: 0. Knell runs after a rebound supposedly lost hard, guest player Christoph Metzger wants to hit the ball a few meters from the goal line, hits Knell and the ball bounces into the net (67th place). Typical Knell Gate, this designation has been heard often.

“It was a tough game to begin with,” says the multiplier, “It’s not easy against a belligerent opponent here. You have to step back, go in duels, and keep your patience.” Gau-Odernheim gained exactly that certainty about how to take on the tight artificial turf in Petersberg. Meanwhile, TSV has the best point average of all major league teams at home.

stable defense

The hosts created two good chances at the start after the throw-in. After that, corner kicks – hitting the crossbar (47) and hitting the post (76) – and free kicks brought danger. The fact that Moreno failed to make it 4-1 in the first half (73rd minute) was irrelevant, because the defense held out against Patrick Fryer, who had played 171 matches in the regional league.

Luca Dietrich and Leon Robinson worked in good coordination in the engine room in the double hexagon, and the covering center with Jakob Friedrich and Konstantin Breeden asserted himself in almost all duels. Even outside, Karim Mathis on the right and Paul Galli on the left, TSV didn’t let themselves be fooled by the visitors, who were quickly looking for depth.

TSV Gau-Odernheim: Diel – Matthijs (75th Hoffmann), Braiden, Friedrich, Galle (84th Mauer) – Robinson, Dietrich – Gumos (67th Gerhardt), Moreno-Vell, Dmitrijevic (84th Oberle) – Knell (75th Meininger).