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Trymacs are startled by the mysterious dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy

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from: Josh Grossman

“Who wrote that?”: Trymacs are startled by the cryptic dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy © Warner Bros. Pictures / Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy is very popular among Twitch streamers. Trymacs doesn’t believe his ears when he’s about to join the Crossed Wands.

Hamburg – Everyone currently lives in the world of magic Hogwarts legacy. on Twitter Harry Potter is such an absolute eye-catcher that many of them are streamers Sharing the therapist and training with their fans. Also a streamer tremac Brandishing a wand, he becomes uncomfortable when asked to join the Crossed Wands. shows how Trymacs are dumbfounded about a mysterious dialogue in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy has a wide variety of NPCs and side quests. When Trymacs is given the task of winning two Crossed Wands and meets Lucan Brattleby, he can’t quite believe what the young student magician says. Even the name of the fencing club “Crossed Wands” makes the eyebrows of the streamers furrow.