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Try it for free on Xbox this weekend •

Try it for free on Xbox this weekend •

With Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold, you have the opportunity to try out the new Battlefield for free until tomorrow night.

If you play on Xbox, you can enjoy free shooting this weekend: Battlefield 2042 is still allowed to use until Sunday, January 9th. At 9 PM, try it for free on a Microsoft console if you have an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

It is being promoted as part of Free Play Days, during which you can currently test Battlefield 2042 for free. The latest installment of the shooting series, which this time takes place in the near future, has been subjected to constant criticism in the community (eg. specialized system from the game) – but now you can convince yourself of the new Battlefield game for free.

To access the game, you just have to sign in to the Microsoft Store with your account in order to be able to take advantage of the subscription benefits. Then all you have to do is click on the option to download the game with your Xbox Gold or Game Pass Ultimate membership.

Star Renegades is the second game that you can try for free with Xbox subscriptions

If you like the testing phase, you can currently buy Battlefield in different editions in the Microsoft Store afterwards at slight discounts. like it in Xbox News Blog This means, however, that these discounts only apply until the end of the event tomorrow evening.

If Battlefield also doesn’t resume, you can currently test Star Renegades as part of your Xbox subscriptions. In keeping with the title, in this rough and tumbler you’ll go with a group of heroes into the vastness of space to engage in exciting turn-based tactical battles. You tread a retro look with an anime touch against random new opponents and bosses, strengthening your own dangers and building relationships between characters.