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Truss and Sunak compete for votes.

FILE – Liz Truss (R), UK Foreign Secretary and Rishi Sunak, former UK Finance Minister. (Archive Images) Photo: Pa/PA Wire/dpa


Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are campaigning for votes after entering the second round of the British Prime Minister’s race.

In a guest column for the Daily Mail newspaper, Secretary of State Truss described himself as a “tax-cutting, freedom-loving Conservative”. “I will hit the ground running by cutting taxes immediately, boosting our economy and unlocking the potential of everyone in the UK.”

He also criticized former finance minister Sunak’s balance sheet. The government is going in the wrong direction on taxes, Truss wrote, citing the highest tax burden in 70 years.

Truss, 46, and Sunak, 42, won several ballots in the conservative parliamentary group. The final decision on the successor to incumbent Boris Johnson will be made by members of the Tory party, with a decision expected on September 5. According to polls, the dress was a favorite.

Sunak wrote in the Daily Telegraph that he saw himself as a successor to former prime minister Margaret Thatcher. “I believe in hard work, family and honesty.” He wants to strengthen national sovereignty and tightly control migration. “Economic development has priority,” Sunak asserted. The best way to do this is through tax cuts and red tape.