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Trump has blocked his Twitter account as “too dangerous.”

United States

Trump has found that blocking his Twitter account is “too dangerous” – and is taking action against it

Former US President Donald Trump continues his legal battle against the suspension of his Twitter account. Trump filed a lawsuit in a Florida court on Friday seeking an injunction restraining him from opening his account.

Donald Trump wants to get his Twitter account back.


In the court document, Republicans, among others, argue that Twitter was forced to be censored by members of the U.S. Congress. The SMS service has considerable power and control over the country’s political discourse, which is “immeasurable”, “unprecedented in history” and “too dangerous” for open democratic debate.

Twitter and Facebook and YouTube froze his accounts in January, shortly before the end of Trump’s term. Trump supporters attacked US Capitol – he expressed sympathy for the attackers. He continues to claim without any evidence that his presidential election victory in November was stolen by fraud. By doing so he warmed the mood of the country.

Twitter, which had more than 80 million followers following Trump, was by then the most important communication platform for him. The former president has long opposed the suspension of his account. He had already filed a lawsuit against Twitter in July over the ban.