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Trump announced a visit to the southern border of the United States

He accepted the invitation of Texas Governor Greg Abbott on June 30, Trump announced Tuesday (local time). Trump’s successor Joe Biden suspended funding for the construction of massive border fences in January as one of his first actions – a major Trump plan. Before he was elected president in 2016, he promised to build a “beautiful wall” 3200 kilometers south of the border to keep immigrants without documents and criminals.

Abbott announced last week that he would build a wall in his state independently of the Washington government. How Texan wants to feel this is open. The governor is one of several Republicans who have accused Biden of triggering a crisis with his immigration policies, which are more liberal than the Trump era.

The new government has been under pressure for weeks as large numbers of undocumented migrants have been deported by authorities. On Tuesday, he again referred to “four years of chaos and mismanagement” under Trump and promised to reform the U.S. immigration system and combat the causes of aviation in his home countries.

In his communications, Trump described the border as a “disaster area.” The new government inherited a “strong” and “secure” border from him and gave control over it to cartels, criminals and kidnappers.