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Triviaverse: Netflix launches interactive interactive information experience

Triviaverse: Netflix launches interactive interactive information experience

Quiz games are popular. It was not for nothing that Quizduell was such a hit that the app is constantly and only now being improved. 1.4 stars been evaluated. As an alternative, check out the new Netflix Triviaverse quiz experience:

Today we introduce Triviaverse – a fast paced quest game that takes place in three rounds of increasing difficulty in one player, or two rounds each in two players. If you are willing to prove your knowledge, you must answer as many questions as possible correctly within a specified time, thus achieving the best possible number of points. You can either play alone or compete against another fan of knowledge in a roundabout. The eclectic question categories range from science to history to popular culture and just about anything else you can think of!

Triviaverse will be available in nine languages ​​- German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Japanese. The next test night can now be played live on Netflix, on all devices that support interactive Netflix experiences, including smart TVs, streaming players, game consoles, computer browsers, and mobile devices.