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Trip to the Caribbean: Prince William and Duchess Kate draw conclusions

Trip to the Caribbean: Prince William and Duchess Kate draw conclusions

Updated on 03/28/2022 at 16:38

  • It is said that Prince William and Duchess Kate want to draw conclusions after their difficult Caribbean trip.
  • Is change imminent in the British royal family?

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Prince William and Duchess Kate They allegedly want to make a change in the royal family. After her difficult journey through CaribbeanAnd the overwhelmed by protests, these two reports in the British media now want to go their own way. It could also mean that they can break traditional rules of the royal family – including Queen Elizabeth II’s motto: “Never complain, never explain”.

Couples should share their point of view According to the Daily Mail After a week-long tour of Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas: the monarchy must be “flexible” to survive and evolve. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s performances in the former British colonies have been criticized in part for being “insensitive”.

Caribbean trip: Kate and William want to ‘update the way they work’

In the future, the two seem to want to organize themselves differently. unknown source He said “the sun”: “William And Kate will update the way they work. It’s a breath of fresh air.” The alleged insider said attacks during the flight hit her.

In the future they wanted to make their own rules. “They’re trying to figure out what that might look like. It’s not a criticism of how it was done in the past. But times are changing.”

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William has already held crisis talks with senior staff during his tour of the Caribbean. He told his advisors that he must give his opinion and deal with issues such as reparations for slavery grievances, among other things.

Prince William: A statement after the Caribbean trip

At the end of the Cambridge trip, the Queen’s grandson left Queen Elizabeth II In a statement about the protests that accompanied the royal tour.

“Catherine and I are committed to serving others. For us, this is not about telling people what to do. It’s about serving and supporting them in the way they think is best, using the platform we are fortunate to have.”

Prince William, who is second in line to the British throne after Prince Charles, also stated: “Who chooses the Commonwealth to lead his family in the future is not my concern.” He and his wife value the Commonwealth family’s potential to create a better future for the people who comprise it, and “our commitment to serve and support as best we can.”

Clear words from Prince William

There could be such clear words from Prince William more often in the future. “He certainly won’t be speaking publicly on a regular basis but he thinks if the monarchy has something to say they should say it,” a source told the Daily Mail.

William was “in no way critical of the Queen, quite the contrary. He totally likes her and learns a lot from herThe source said, adding: ‘But he’s looking forward to what it will be like in 40 years. He wants the monarchy to continue to be a unifying force that can bridge divisions.”

William listens to people, “He’s really doing it, and he has a very clear vision of the future.” He is very open about “what’s modern and relevant. He wants to take on his grandmother’s success and build on it in his own way.”

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Protesters demanded reparations for slavery and an apology from the British Crown.