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Travis Hunter plays for Jackson State

Travis Hunter plays for Jackson State

MUNICH – In Germany, not many football fans should be able to do something in the name of Travis Hunter, in the US, however, the student has been known as a thumb painer since Wednesday at the latest.

Hunter is considered the best high school football player in the USA and caused a direct earthquake by choosing his future university.

Travis Hunter: Jackson State Florida

At first there were three baseball caps on the table in front of Travis Hunter. Little by little, the young athlete from Georgia wore one, only to peel it off and toss it away a few moments later.

Neither the Auburn Tigers, the Georgia Bulldogs, nor the Florida State Seminoles could secure small corner services. Instead, a white hat with blue lettering was thrown from an ecstatic audience.

Wear them with pride and cause a big surprise: He’ll appear in the future with the Jackson State Tigers.

Travis Hunter: The future lies in Mississippi

The small college in Mississippi is not one of the largest football universities in the United States. Unlike the other candidates, the Tigers do not even play in the highest college division of FBS, but in the smaller FCS.

For the first time since 2006, a five-star player (the highest rated high school athlete, Anna. Dr.. red.lower class university. Oddly enough, Hunter has verbally approved FSU, so his turn doesn’t cause enthusiasm all over.

“Florida has always been a bright spot for me,” Hunter said in a statement on Twitter. “I hate giving up on that dream, but sometimes we are destined to go into a different future than we originally thought. That future for me lies personally at Jackson State University.”

Deion Sanders: From NFL star to successful college coach

The credit for Hunter’s surprising decision goes in large part to one man: Deion Sanders – one of the best players in NFL history and head coach of the Jackson State Tigers since 2020.

Last season the Tigers finished with a record 11-1 and won under Sanders for the first time since 2007 again at the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC).

Despite the supposedly worse competition in FCS, Hunter’s potential should be fully developed – it’s not for nothing that Sanders is in the eyes of many eyes the best cornerback in NFL history.

College Football: A sustainable change thanks to Hunter?

Even from a historical perspective, Hunter’s decision could create lasting change in college football.

Jackson State belongs to the group of HBCUs, and Historically black colleges and universities. In times of apartheid, these universities must also provide access to education for the African American population.

As a result of the civil rights movement and the general openness of all universities, schools such as Jackson State or Howard University have lost their importance, also in American sports.

“HBCUs have a long history in football,” Hunter confirmed in his Twitter statement. “I want to be a part of this history and at the same time help shape the future. I also made this decision to be a role model for others and to show the next player that HBCU can be what they want.”

HBCU: Home to Many NFL Stars

For a long time, these colleges were considered the factories of the NFL’s greatest talent. For example, Walter Payton’s legendary Bears played for the Jackson State Tigers and the best receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice, attended HBCU with Mississippi Valley State University.

Today there are not many HBCU talents in the NFL, the most famous player at the moment is linebacker Darius Leonard. The Colts star played at South Carolina State University and was selected by Indianapolis as 36th in the 2018 draft. With both All-Pro and Pro Bowl nominations, he is one of the best defenders in the league.

Whether Travis Hunter’s decision can lead to a renaissance of HBCUs remains to be seen in the coming years. College Football Playoffs (on December 31, 9:15 p.m., live on ProSiebenMAXX and and public competition will continue to attract the greatest high school talents to the Power 5 conferences.

However, if Hunter’s path leads to the NFL without major setbacks, a new boom may be imminent for the once highly regarded colleges.

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