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Travelers can be annoying: draw some new ones

Travelers can be annoying: draw some new ones

Fun on the train

Are your fellow travelers bothering you? Then draw some new ones!

Mobility can sometimes be an ordeal. The Twitter account shows how you can bring diversity to your dreary workday.


Commuting can be really tiring at times. But a pen and a little creativity can help.

Twitter/October Jones

the The daily commute to work It is not always easy. Other passengers are nervous and tired, and there is limited space on crowded trains. It smells like cheap perfume, sweat, bad breath and, at worst, everything together. And it’s always the other person’s fault anyway. The only distraction Presents the smartphone Or a look out the window, as one sees the same thing every day anyway.

The @OctoberJones Twitter account shows you how to make the stress of travel fun. All it takes are sticky notes, a pen, and a dose of talent. The result will put a smile on your face, as the following examples show.

Homer Simpson

Instead of getting distracted by the smell of the sandwich you brought with you, you can simply turn this hungry traveler into a drooling Homer Simpson.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse seems to hate Mondays, especially when someone is staring at his newspaper.


Are you worried that the emergency brake will not work? Don’t panic, Batman is on board.


Tablet, smartphone, shorts. We’ve always known it: Kermit the Frog is a nerd.

the structure

The Incredible Hulk wears his jacket in his favorite colour.


You wonder where Walter actually is? there he is!

Tom & Jerry

Tom appears to have gotten off the wrong leg – much to Jerry’s delight.

Spider Man

Even superheroes sometimes like to stay in bed a little longer. Right, Spider-Man?


Better not mess with Elmo! No wonder the seat next to him and behind him is empty.

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