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Travel ID: Switching from Swiss to single login creates chaos

Travel ID: Switching from Swiss to single login creates chaos

The Swiss airline asked customers to create a travel ID. With a standard login, you can log into all Lufthansa sites in the same way. But the change is causing problems for the Swiss.

The new service is called Travel ID. “Register today,” Swiss wrote to all of its newsletter recipients at the end of these days, “and take advantage of the many benefits when booking, checking in and during your flight.” With the new standard login, you can login to all airlines in the Lufthansa Group as well as to Miles and More.

This will eliminate the need for frequent entry when booking flights in the future, the Swiss airline continues. Traveling will be “more convenient” because from now on, “one login, many options” applies. It just indicated at the bottom of the email that users with an existing account should not register for the new Travel ID, but rather wait.

Those affected will be notified by the Swiss

Many seem to have overlooked this. With consequences: You now have a second account, a mileage number, and more. And you can no longer access your old account, as many readers have reported. Thus, you will not see your reservations anymore. The technical hotline, on the other hand, is overburdened. Wait times of more than an hour are the norm.

“We have received separate inquiries about duplicate profiles and can confirm that those affected are temporarily unable to access the original account in such a case,” a Swiss spokesperson confirms. However, you can still access your Miles and More account using your technical membership number. Affected customers will be contacted.