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Transport Fever 2: The console version is coming now in March + the first game

Nacon and Urban Games also want to bring Transport Fever 2 to consoles. The Billionaire game was already planned for February this year here, but it won’t happen anymore. Instead, there is now an exact launch date of March.

Console version of transport fever 2 It will be available in a few weeks in March this year. Instead of a planned release in February, you can now mark March 9, 2023 in red on your calendar. As of today, this special console edition is said to be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-orders are now possible.

Transport Fever 2 is a tycoon game where you have to create a transport company and develop all the necessary infrastructure to grow the business. By transporting goods and passengers, you are building a transportation empire. In order for this formula to also work on consoles, Urban Games has made several modifications.

Specifically, the developers promise improved graphics, a revised user interface and console-adapted controls. Officially, the features are mentioned as follows:

  • All transportation lines needed for city growth can be built
  • Advanced interactive tools are used to develop complex transportation systems
  • About 200 real and historical vehicles can be controlled, from trains to buses, trucks, planes and ships
  • Three different landscape types to create your own maps
  • You must transport passengers and deliver raw materials and consumer goods to improve access, trade, and keep the city’s economy thriving

The console version comes in both the base game and the deluxe edition; As a bonus, everyone who decides early will receive five exclusive vehicle livery skins, regardless of edition.

The Deluxe Edition consists of the following game content:

  • The standard version of the game
  • 3 exclusive hand-crafted maps with challenging scenarios
  • 6 new and historical vehicles
  • 3 new animals for the 3 landscape types: wolf, puma and tropical fish
  • Two new game soundtracks featuring songs from both Train Fever and Transport Fever predecessors
Transport Fever 2 – Console Release Announcement Trailer

Transport Fever 2 is coming to consoles in March; The corresponding trailer can be found here!