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Train drivers should be paid more. Rail services in the UK have been affected by the strike.

A to B by bike instead of train: In Great Britain, rail transport in Great Britain was again hit hard by strikes on Saturday. Train drivers are demanding extra pay. There had already been major strikes in June, resulting in the cancellation of trains. (archive image)


Rail transport in Great Britain was once again hit hard by a strike on Saturday. Train drivers of nine regional operators have once again stopped work to press for higher wages.

The Aslef trade union described the 24-hour strikes as a “last-ditch effort” to pressure employers and the government, given the rate of inflation, which is now more than nine percent.

Aslef pointed out that train drivers have not received a raise for three years. Given the massive increase in the cost of living, this is “unacceptable”. Saturday’s strikes brought some connections to a complete standstill, such as London’s Heathrow Airport. Further strikes are planned at British Railways for next Thursday and Saturday.

Railway bosses have agreed to hike wages. However, in return, they are demanding changes in the status and working conditions of railway employees. The government has called for calm in London’s months-long pay dispute.

During the historic strike in June, railway workers paralyzed most train operations for three days. It was the biggest rail strike in Britain for more than 30 years.