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Trade in Great Britain is causing outrage

No Christmas ad in the past has been controversial: British supermarket chain Tesco has received more than 1,500 complaints so far from the UK Advertising Authority after it released a clip titled “This Christmas, Nothing Stopping Us”. Reason: Vaccinated Santa Claus.

Santa Claus shows off his vaccine card

In one scene of the video, a reporter appears on television with a key message and tells viewers that “Santa Claus may be isolated.” The same person is shown showing his Govt passport at the border control.

Protesters complain of coercion and discrimination

Santa Claus proves to the customs officer that he was vaccinated – so he can enter the country without restrictions. Most of the complaints filed with the UK Advertising Regulatory Authority have been criticized for saying the show was forced and that the business promotes medical discrimination.

Many anti-vaccine activists have called for the company to be excluded from the future on social media under the hashtag “BoycottTesco”. Other online users, on the other hand, appreciate the chain for its advertising campaign. For example, a Twitter user joked: “I’m going to Tesco now, and all those who oppose the vaccine have decided to boycott Tesco. Thank you for your role in ensuring that we are all safe. Stay home. “