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tesla model-s plaid track mode display

Track mode update increases the top speed of Tesla Model S Plaid>

It didn’t work the old year, but shortly after the start of 2022, following a software update of its electric cars for Christmas, Tesla also introduced a new digital addition to the Model S Plaid: as before, the Model 3 Performance The fastest Tesla got an optional track mode, which can be individually adjusted on the racetrack. As the first test shows, part of this update is higher – but not as extreme – the top speed of the Model S Plaid. And it now gives a stern warning when the brakes get too hot.

Model S patterned now up to 281 km/h

According to the program 2021.44.25, also known as Holiday Update, which was widely distributed in 2021, Tesla owners are currently getting version 2021.44.30 in large numbers, according to tracking services. For most of them, it only appears to have minor bug fixes, but the Model S Plaid has added a track mode. Because the youngest The performance of the Model 3 of this racetrack is extra for a long time Plaid Tesla was eagerly anticipated as well.

It’s now here, and the Carmine Import Service’s YouTube channel was one of the first to post experiences with it. It showed, among other things, that the update also brought an undocumented innovation: the top speed of the Model S Plaid was increased to 175 mph (281 km/h is good). Tesla even mentions 200mph in its configurator, but notes that “paid hardware upgrades” are required for this. Prior to that, speed was limited to 163 mph (261 km/h) without that speed.

As the channel manager explained when asked, the approach to the theoretical maximum affects not only the new track mode – even without it, you can now drive faster than 261 km / h in the Model S Plaid, if you think this is necessary. In addition, the mode does not appear to be limited to GPS-defined racetracks. The release notes look like this kind of geofence, but testing has shown that the lane function can also be activated on regular roads.

Tesla warns of emergency braking

The YouTube user, who was also undocumented, noted that Tesla likely changed the way the brakes were controlled using software — before you got too soft. Otherwise, too, some consider it a confrontation Outstanding Performance for Model S Plaid It quickly overwhelmed, which the Carmine import service refused: if you do not brake from high speed to 0 15 times in a row, they will do their job, as he wrote in the comments to his video. However, he recommended upgrading the brakes, at least for use on drag or racing tracks. Should be the middle of the year From Tesla itself ceramic kit for her become available.

The channel briefly showed that the original equipment Plaid Tesla can also be discontinued from the Tempo 281 In another video. “It stopped without any problems,” the broker said afterwards. However, on its S model, the message “Too high brake temperature detected” appears across the entire driver display. But that didn’t happen on the first try, but after several emergency stops, Carmine Import explained. According to him, the temperature of the Tesla brakes is not measured, but the algorithm decides when it is time to warn.