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Toyota Yaris Cross in endurance test: interim report after 15,000 km


Toyota Yaris Cross endurance test car in Great Britain, here on the Atlantic in Cornwall (above Sennen Cove) …

Only the British could formulate a very simple and noble question: “I beg your pardon,” we hear several times on the journey on the “wrong” side of the street, “What does CH stand for?” Mandatory CH mark in Great Britain AM Toyota Yaris Cross It causes confusion despite (or because?) the Swiss coat of arms on the license plate. Here, in the Lake District in northwest England, cars from Switzerland are a rarity.

For the author’s editors, the Toyota Endurance Test was a solution for a trip to the Lake District hiking area and Cornwall beaches in the southwest during unsafe flight times. It’s over for city SUVs Daily life in Switzerland And the Trip to Tuscany (I) Another test: 4,300 km to and across Great Britain, where the long-distance runner managed more than 15,000 km in the middle of the test.