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Tour de Ski third stage - 3 Swiss in the top 16 - Kläbo showing off his muscles - Sports

Tour de Ski third stage – 3 Swiss in the top 16 – Kläbo showing off his muscles – Sports

  • Dario Colonna breathed a long surprise in the third stage of the Tour de Ski, but was back in 15th at the end.
  • With this, Jonas Baumann leads a cheerful Swiss team in Oberstdorf in 13th, ahead of Cologne and Beda Klee (16th). Today’s win goes to round leader Johannes Klapow (North).
  • For the women, Nadia Kalin caused a surprise end of the year with a 19th place finish. Nadine Fenderish (34) is frustrated.

In the high temperatures and icy surface, Dario Colonna showed a strong race for a long time. The veteran had parried off the heels of Alexander Bolshono (Russia) at the right moment, but lost contact with the top quartet on the last lap.

Good performance by the Swiss team

Münstertaler was praised for his high pace and he returned to 15th place. He eventually fell behind his teammate Jonas Baumann, who crossed the finish line in thirteenth place. The race also went well for Beda Klee, who with 16th place confirmed his dream of participating in the Olympics. With Candide Pralong (29), a Swiss scored the last points.

Cologne did not participate in the decision to win the day, which was dominated by Johannes Klapow again in 32:26 minutes. The Tour leader from Norway pulled out his three runners shortly before the end and extended his lead with a second win in the third stage. Bolschunow took second, and Kläbo native Sjur Röthe took third.

Kalin surprises everyone

From a Swiss point of view, only Nadia Kalin was able to convince in the women’s race. In her fourth World Cup race and first-ever mass start, the 20-year-old achieved her best World Cup result with 19th place. Kalin showed a nimble ice race of over 10km, clung to the back of Finnish leader Kerto Niskanen (22nd place) for a long time and finally earned Olympic qualification.

On the other hand, Nadine Fendrich, who had to settle for 34th place, did not advance. She even fell behind Lydia Hernickel, who was the second best Swiss woman in 29th place. At the top, only the final race was decided on. American Jessica Diggins – with an impressive run of her legs – Frida Karlsson (Sweden) and Tatiana Sorina (Russia) took to the places.

So it continues

A classic sprint awaits athletes on New Year’s Day in Oberstdorf, Bavaria, before the last two races (January 3/4) finish at the downhill and classic in Val di Fiemi, Italy.