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Touching Prince William says goodbye

Touching Prince William says goodbye

He lost his beloved grandmother! Now, Prince William is writing warm lines to Queen Elizabeth II.


The basics in brief

  • Queen Elizabeth has passed away.
  • Grandson Prince William writes warm words to his grandmother.

England lost Queen Elizabeth, but he lost his beloved grandmother!

Prince William, 40, personally bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II yesterday, who died at Balmoral Castle at the age of 96. Now, the prince is taking the opportunity to officially express himself with touching words from for him To say goodbye to Grandma.

“On Thursday, the world lost an extraordinary leader,” William said.

“Who was completely connected to the country kingdom and the Commonwealth. Much will be said about the significance of their historic judgment in the coming days.”

Then Prince William becomes more personal. “It will be some time before I know what the reality is without my grandmother.”

“And while I mourn her loss, I am also incredibly grateful. She was there in the happiest moment of my life. life. And she was by my side on the worst days.”

He is also pleased that his three children were able to spend time with the Queen.

Did you follow the Queen’s last trip to London today?

“You have holidays We spent it with her and they made memories that will last a lifetime.”

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