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Total failure Monday evening - Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram online again - News

Total failure Monday evening – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram online again – News

  • In the event of an unusually large outage, several Facebook groups services were cut across the board on Monday evening.
  • The first services were only available again six hours later.
  • Facebook later announced that it was an internal bug.
  • The failure did not affect user data.

The group’s engineers have apologized to users on Twitter. the problem has been resolved.

In a statement, the company wrote that the error was caused by configuration changes in the routers responsible for communication between data centers. The New York Times previously reported that Facebook had to send a team of employees to its data center in Santa Clara, California, for a “manual reset” of the server.

‘biggest failure’

Downdetector, which documents IT incidents, described the failure as “the biggest ever”. Since midnight CST, the incoming error messages have decreased significantly. In the past hours there have been tens of thousands of indications of problems. Tens of millions of users may be affected in many countries.

Facebook share loses value

On broken platforms, users sometimes reported problems with other online services, which were initially not widely confirmed. For example, on the large web service provider AWS from Amazon, which many startups and large corporations rely on, all offerings work normally, according to the status page.

On the network, users mock failures

At the beginning of June, many websites around the world were unavailable for about an hour after a failure with the Fastly cloud service. At the time, the British government, the Reddit platform and the news portals of The Guardian, New York Times, Financial Times and France’s Le Monde newspaper were affected.