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Toronto: Confusion over Airbus A380's correct route to gate

Toronto: Confusion over Airbus A380’s correct route to gate

After the plane landed in Toronto, Emirates has designated a gateway for Airbus A380 pilots. They didn’t think the big plane could be parked there. As a result, there was an exchange of words with the pilots.

Tim Clark still believes strongly in it Airbus A380. It is a very powerful aircraft.The President of the United Arab Emirates recently said. And because Clark also believes that demand will return faster than many think, the golf airline is also working to increase supply. At the end of November, it will again serve 27 destinations in the global route network with the largest aircraft. This is how Zurich came at the beginning of October and Dusseldorf this weekend He added again, Hamburg will follow at the end of October.

For several months, Emirates has been regularly flying to Toronto on an Airbus A380. Lately, however, not everything has gone as it always has. After landing flight EK241, the cockpit crew was directed by taxi to gate C34. However, the pilot doubted that this was the correct gate. “I have flown to Toronto on the A380 several times. I have never parked my car at Gate C,” as evidenced by the recordings posted by YouTube channel VAS Aviation.

The ‘red for all of us’ lanes

The air traffic controller confirms the gate mentioned to the pilot in the recording and adds that it is C34A, which is absolutely correct. At the same time, make it clear that there are no planes at the gates next to them and therefore there is no problem in parking there. The pilot then appears to have agreed and asks to confirm the sequence of lanes assigned to the next flight. The observer tells him to take a taxi straight ahead, cross runway 33R, then take the taxi route A and finally wait in front of the AK taxi.

“My documents show that the lanes in this direction are red and not approved for all of us,” the pilot said. The portal is also not supported. Then the captain of the A380 asks to be escorted by a vehicle that follows him to the gate and there are so-called wing drivers, they are instructors who walk alongside the wings to indicate potential hazards.

“It is best for you”

The pilot responded to the pilot’s comment: “Emirates 241, I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll give you a phone number and you can call it yourself because I don’t know what I’m telling you. It’s the right fit for you. I can’t comment on your documents, but I’ll give you a phone number.” He instructed the cockpit crew to stop with the Airbus A380 where they are and wait. The pilot confirmed and asked the company again.

The confusion may have arisen because Emirates usually uses Terminal 1 at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. However, flights have been handled in Terminal 3 for some time on certain days in order to ease immigration control in Terminal 1. It is clear that the pilot had studied his documents very carefully beforehand – however, they were apparently not completely up-to-date.

always professional

In the end, he was convinced and explained that he would advise Emirates to amend the internal documents. He apologizes for being confused as he has landed in Toronto several times but never stopped at Gate C. The entire conversation between the two parties remains very professional despite the differences of opinion.