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Top scorer Aue Härtel - The ball gets a special place - 2nd Bundesliga

Top scorer Aue Härtel – The ball gets a special place – 2nd Bundesliga

Sascha Härtel (22) gave Aue a very special moment in the duel of friends at Schalke 04!

With his 1-1 draw in the 86th minute, the left-back secured a point for FC Erzgebirge. And one of the playing balls after the final whistle.

Floodlights, 20,768 fans, goal debut and scoring – the shooter reveals: “I was lying on the floor. Martin Manel gave me a ball, it was a great gesture on his part. Now I want to find a place for the ball at home. I will discuss it then with my girlfriend Sophie, because she’s the expert in our interior decorating and design.”

But for Hartle, the special experience also has consequences. He explains, “It could be expensive. I got a hint from the team that I should come up with something. So now I’m going to score that.”

Hard, harder, harder. His career was facing an abrupt end in the summer of 2019. In a test match on 5 September with Zwickau against Regensburg, the left-back fractured a fibula, ruptured angiosarcoma and ruptured Volkmann’s triangle. The game is deserted, patient transport, surgery. Rehabilitation, break 208 days.

Hartle fought his way back. This is how Helge Leonhardt, 62, wants young professionals to experience. The club president: “I am really happy for this boy. It could be a psychological paradigm shift for him. It is already a sign that he can survive in the second division. This was exactly our strategic requirement for our work with our young players.”