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Top rainmakers turn their backs on Credit Suisse

Top rainmakers turn their backs on Credit Suisse

For Credit Suisse, the massive failures surrounding the scandals with Greensill Capital and Arechegos have far-reaching consequences for employees. Brain drain is massive. You have already replied.

Credit Suisse (CS) one of the major investment bankers lost to competition in the United States. How is that “The Wall Street Journal” (uploaded article) First reported on Wednesday, changes Greg Weinberger To the Morgan Stanley Institute of America.

The American was recently the Global Head of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) in CS, and thus was one of the most important “rain makers”, that is, sources of income. The two mentioned banks do not want to comment on the employees.

A quarter of a century in Credit Suisse bank fees

Weinberger is the most prominent director leaving CS after the head of investment banking Brian Chen Head of risk and compliance Lara Warner He resigned in the wake of the Grencelle Capital and Archegos scandals.

Weinberger has worked for a major Swiss bank for 25 years, apart from a short competition wrap. Now, just like his CS teammates, he’s a dealer Hamza Lemssouguer, as well as investment bankers The Adventures of AlejandroWho left Big Bank in the last few weeks.

hard times

According to more information, David Wah The new head of global consulting, kathal daisy And the Stephen Geller The joint management of the M&A area has been transferred. And the former president of this company, Scott Lindsey, will continue to work for the Bank in its role.

The exodus comes on the heels of Credit Suisse’s tangles with both Archegos, in which the bank lost $5 billion, and with Greensill Capital, where long legal disputes and high compensation for clients threaten.

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