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Top-20-Platz bei der Premiere

Top 20 places in the premiere | Earth newspaper

When it matters, Nino Schurter is hard to beat. Thanks to an outstanding performance at the World Championships in Les Gates, France, the 36-year-old was crowned mountain bike world champion for the 10th time on Sunday. His teammate Marcel Guerini also put in a strong performance in fifth place. Ticino’s Filippo Colombo finished ninth. The second-best of the Swiss was Vital Albin 15th and Joel Roth 18th, finally Kolker’s team was 4:22 minutes behind winner Schurter.

A week after finishing 11th in the cross-country race at the European Championships in Munich, Joel Roth was also able to start his world title fights in France, his premiere at the Elite World Championship. In the first seven laps, like many other drivers, he was somewhat stopped in circuit jams, but managed to rejoin the 20th place and stay there. Joel Roth, 23, explained, “I’m very happy with my race, maybe the start was too fast. That’s why I had to struggle at the end like never before this season.” He still didn’t waste much time, but Kölliker finally slipped from 15th to 18th. “I am absolutely delighted with this final result in my first Elite World Championships,” said Joel Roth. “This is a great result from Joel Roth,” TV expert and former driver Thomas Frischknecht praised Kölliker, “It is a great hope for the future.”