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Top 10 dream cars on social media: Mercedes in third and fifth places - News - Mercedes fans

Top 10 dream cars on social media: Mercedes in third and fifth places – News – Mercedes fans

Which cars do Instagram users like and which dream cars are especially popular with German TV users? Last but not least, the musical taste of one motorist or the other is surprising. What is “in” and what is “out”? Nowhere is the judgment of this question more devastating than on social networks. And number one in this field is Instagram. The calibration scale is the hashtag #DreamCar and the fact of how many times a photo is awarded this virtual award. Car rental comparison site has now reached the bottom of the topic and offers a surprising result.

Dream car number one isn’t a Ferrari or any other hypercar, but a Dodge Challenger. The powerful Lamborghini Aventador (21 percent) fell to second place with the hashtag #DreamCar (22 percent). So here is the expected athlete. But surprisingly, it is not a Ferrari, a Pagani or an e-sportsman, but a rather old bull from Sant’Agata Bolognese. It is possible that the celebrity bonus helped the American achieve a small victory. Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger, punk rapper Snoop Dogg and singer Billie Eilish all swing behind the wheel of a Challenger.

Then the Empire of Stars returned to the third place. Not with the Mercedes-AMG GT, but with the G-Class. The classic off-road car is well received by both style-conscious traditionalists and bad boys. It’s not for nothing that the (mostly black) G-Class chases through the picture in many speakers – and not just once. Before Porsche fans get the glam moments, it’s worth noting that the Porsche GT3-RS sits in fourth, but with twelve percent it has a respectable six-point gap for the off-road vehicle in the neighbour. By the way, with the Mercedes-AMG CLA (ten percent), he has a second model in fifth place in the first group. No one would have expected that only six percent of the Bugatti Chiron would be classified as a dream car then.

The Audi R8 (5 percent), Ford Mustang (4 percent), Nissan GT-R (2 percent) and Volkswagen Golf R (also 2 percent) complete the top ten, which are made up significantly more horsepower. Surprisingly also, no electric car has ever been able to put itself ahead of the curve. Neither Tesla nor Rimac Nephria nor her brother Pininfarina Battista, who have a lot of power, made it into the top ten.