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"Too loud, too brutal, and too unsocial"

“Too loud, too brutal, and too unsocial”

He came, opened the lid – and gone again: Prince Marcus von Anhalt.

The scandals are part of the Garbage TV program “Celebrities Under Palm Trees”. The station is now trying to calm the excitement by abolishing culture. in vain.

As tonight begins the second episode of the new season “Celebs under Palms” (8.15 PM, Saturday 1), the TV world is eagerly awaiting the next big bang. Because the garbage format, in which a handful of “stars” fight for cash prizes at a Thai holiday resort – the unmistakably honest slogan: “Do everything for the money” – is famous for its cross-border scandals.

However, this year the participants had previously announced that the second season would be “more extreme than anything”. Or, as TV star Kate Merlin put it in an interview – “too loud, too brutal, and too antisocial.” The start-up sequence already last week showed that this is not an empty threat. After 16 days of quarantine at the hotel, celebrities – including actor Willie Herreren, model Julia Siegel and political grandson Henrik Stoltenberg – have patted.

There was drinking, molestation, insult, and vomiting, and after a few cups too much, “Prince” Marcus von Anhalt himself left in an anti-gay sermon against drag artist Katie Bam, which went beyond the limits of reality-trained spectators. The fact that he apologized more badly than right the next day and was eventually elected can’t make us forget the mistake. In any case, the network was raging – and the storm at the start of Celebrities Under Palms was perfect.

There is no defuse in sight

It can now be said that scandals are part of the program when it comes to Trash TV formats. But the hype over the launch of “Celebrities Under Palm Trees” was a surprise. Last year, the show was criticized across the country for orchestrated bullying by participants Bastian Utah, Matthias Mangiapan and Karina Spaak. Even canceling the program was required, and because another trash show soon after on RTL toppled it with “Sommerhaus der Stars” on the topic of bullying, these formats were actually expected to defuse in 2021. But when the cameras work – or people forget that they are They work – some of the “stars” are no longer under control. Celebrities Under the Palm Trees showed this once again admirably.

After all, terminals now interact differently and, above all, react faster. The anti-gay attack by Prince Marcos was addressed and directly condemned in the post-show – particularly overtly gay – Lt. Col. Jochen Bendel. The scheduled conversation with the late von Anhalt was canceled after a few seconds because he appeared drunk again. And for a season-ending reunion show, the anti-gay prince has also been emptied of the rabble.

The makers’ dilemma

Canceling instead of bullying, with this recipe it’s clear broadcasters want to calm the mind. However, this has only worked so far on a limited scale, because so many voices – including the trash TV-friendly news magazine “woman” Call to boycott the show. As a result, Saturday 1 removed the starting sequence “Celebrities Under the Palm” from the network. But we can look forward to discussions when, in the next few episodes, the other participants step on the boundaries of dignity and respect with their feet. The teasers have made it clear about future episodes that these will come.

In the end, Celebrities Under Palm Trees illustrates the dilemma that the makers of trash cans are currently stuck in. The public is clamoring for scandals, which is why passionate ticking bombs like Marcus von Anhalt or the so far drunk womanizer Calvin Kleinen are exporting Swiss reality and hot erotic Elena Meraas to Thailand. On the other hand, politically incorrect deviations from course or bullying are now turning into a ruthless throwback that can quickly end the careers of not only stars but also producers. It’s a dance on the volcano, for the odds. However, the strength is in the viewer – and the button on the remote control with which to turn formats such as “Celebrities Under the Palm” again.

Celebrity Under the Palm Trees takes place every Monday at 8.15 pm, Saturday 1.