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Tony and Eric have sleepless nights

Tony and Eric have sleepless nights>entertainment>

Surprise visit from Rosa

from him in Felix (played by Thaddeus Mellinger) When the doorbell rings, the last thing he expects is for his mother, Rosa, to be at the door. After all, he is actually on his way to Hamburg. And when she makes a spontaneous surprise visit to someone, it probably won’t be her son. Eventually, the relationship between the two breaks. But it actually proceeded for a reason: It’s about Felix wedding invitation. That was pink from Nazan (Veldan Serpan) secretly sealed. In the video above, we explain if she accepts the invitation and how Felix reacts.

Can part two and three with actress GZSZ Vildan Cirpann You can also see it here – just scroll down.

Gerner Spying On His Daughter

Ago Joe Gerners Daughter (Wolfgang Bahru) joanna Charlotte Rishke is back in town, but he can’t really calm down. Joanna is a teenager now and so is her lifestyle. Social media in particular is high on the agenda. And the boys are playing now too—a thorn in Joanna’s father’s side, Joe. He’s spying on her across the neighborhood and can’t leave her. But Gerner doesn’t act completely inconspicuous – and he gets caught! How Joanna captures him appears in Part Two of the weekly preview.

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

GZSZ always in advance a week before TV broadcast

Tony and Eric have sleepless nights

Tony is very tired because the hot nights with Eric prevent her from sleeping. Eric is also very tired – but for a completely different reason: “Because Tony snores like a wet bed!” This causes one or two misunderstandings in the circle of friends, as we show in Part Three of GZSZ’s weekly preview.

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curious? ‘Happy Times, Bad Times’ can be watched seven days prior to TVNOW’s broadcast.