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Tongue stuck in tin can save a female polar bear

Tongue stuck in tin can save a female polar bear

A bear in Siberia had to endure 72 hours with its tongue in a pack. Even the vets had to be airlifted for the rescue.

The basics in brief

  • A female polar bear is freed from a tin can in Siberia.
  • A team of veterinarians was transported from the Moscow Zoo specifically for the rescue operation.

In the far north of Russia, according to the authorities A polar bear was rescued. Their tongue was stuck in a can of sweetened condensed milk for three days.

“Made. Save. They took the canister out of the polar bear’s mouth.” This was written by Svetlana Radionova, head of the Russian Environmental Protection Supervisory Authority Rosprirodnadzor, on her channel Telegram.

Previously, the animal asked for help from humans. The videos show her standing in front of the balcony. He sticks his head through the wooden slats, one person tries to remove the aluminum can, but the tongue is stuck.

Then the polar bear was stunned. Then a team of veterinarians from Moscow managed to remove the canister. The tongue was slightly injured, but it should heal in a short time. That’s what a vet says in a video shared by Radionowa.

It seems that the little bear came across the tin left behind by humans while searching for food. Since the 90s in Russian Many residential developments in the Arctic Abandoned due to economic hardship but left behind rubbish. Radionova suspects: “It so happened that now wild animals live near hazardous waste.”

The vets who were transferred helped

The inhabitants of the Dixon settlement on the shore of the Kara Sea unsuccessfully tried to help the now-rescued bear. The airlifted vets were finally able to stun the animal and remove the tin can.

Have you ever seen a live polar bear?

Then it became 80-90 kg animal A safe distance away from civilization. A stock of fish was also left for the bear so that it would have something to eat after waking up. This was announced by the Environmental Protection Agency.