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Tommy Matter and his friend Runner

Tommy Matter and his friend Runner

Thomas Mater and Marcel Runner are a well-trained duo. He then writes “New Head with SVP Connection” The outlook As the future president of the Bankers Association.

The newspaper’s focus is on the board of directors of former UBS chairman of Zurich’s SVP National Chancellor Thomas Mater and his banker, Helvetische Bank.

The connection is much deeper. Marcel Runner owns 5 percent of Matters Helvetischer through his real estate company in Löwenfeld.

Ronner used it to buy at Matter after he was fired from the CEO’s chair at UBS 11 years ago. It also came with a sharing seat VR.

The return of Swiss banking has been successful. In addition, he was promoted to UBP Bank of Geneva, where Runner ranks second on the board of directors.

Blake wonders whether the Bankers’ Association led by Runner is swinging in the senior vice president’s camp. “Is Rohner dividing banks along an anti-European track?” The newspaper said yesterday.

A spokeswoman for the Bankers Association cancels the order. As president of a sub-association of the Association of Bankers, Runner has spoken in favor of the European Union.

Refer to the last annual report. There is “unfortunately (…) only little progress” on the EU framework agreement. “Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely because of this, our commitment will not waver,” said the report, signed by Runner.

How close are Mater and Runner? How Much Did Rohner Matter Pay For 5% In His Helvetischer Bank?

Both Mater and Runner left the questions unanswered. Runner referred to the Information Office of the Association of Bankers, which sent the above data.

Matter occupies an important position on the “Club zum Rennweg”; It has a share in the meeting place for Zurich’s business elite.

Business attorney Thomas Ladner pulled the strings there for a long time. Ladner, in turn, was the door that opened the door for Jean-Claude Bastos de Moraes, a Swiss who did much business with the regime at the time in Angola.

Along with Ladner, Bastos has brought notable personalities to the advisory board of his vehicle called Quantum, including former Federal Chancellor Ruth Metzler, SBB Chair Monica Ripar and … former UBS chief banker Runner.

Bastos ended up in an Angolan prison in 2018 after the change of government. He was released after a difficult legal battle.

The Good Times and the Bad Times: Uspil, Runner’s stepson (UPS, 2007)

Rohner, Ladner, Matter, and Rennweg – Financial “chiceria” appear in Zurich. Runner used his prayers at Limmat to get back on his feet after falling from the UBS High Throne.

Now, with the chair of the Basel-based Banking Association, he has been assigned one of the most powerful lobbying offices in Switzerland. New Zealand thinks it’s true.