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Tom Naratell: 40 Years of UBS, Now the New CEO of Computer Services?

Tom Naratell: 40 Years of UBS, Now the New CEO of Computer Services?

Reply on the intranet Tom Naratell He received a warm welcome from his boss, UBS President, Ralph Hammers.

Hammers wrote 21 lines to the American, who left Big Bank after ‘almost four decades’, and his ‘adopted son’ Iqbal Khan Private Banking Leaves.

“I thank Tom for his leadership, passion, and commitment to UBS,” Hammers wrote. In the next few months, Naratel will ensure a smooth delivery.

Tribute to Tom (UBS, IP)

The “promoter” Khan received less attention than his boss, for him there were 6 lines in the mail of “dear colleagues” from the bridge.

The new woman who will lead America under Khan and come from the Federal Reserve has transcribed Naratil’s hymn by 24 lines. You can “maybe find her and her two children in Manhattan while taking advantage of the rich cultural and sporting offerings there.”

Behind the company’s human touch is an insightful personality. With Tom Naratell, the banker who has known the bank for the longest and best time, leaves the management of the UBS Group.

His departure caused speculation on Paradeplatz. Yesterday, an interviewer said, “Naratel can take over CS.”

A few months ago, the American was traded as a possible successor to the unfortunate CEO of the site’s second largest bank, Thomas Gottstein.

The name Naratel is mentioned, along with the name of Andrea Orsel, who has also been with UBS for a long time and runs the investment bank there, the source says.

Today Orcel is the CEO of the Italian company Unicredit.

Imagine a high risk? (Naratil, UBS)

Naratel and CS-Neo President Axel Lehmann have known each other since their time at UBS. Kan Lyman from 2009 Initially he was a board member of the multinational company before transitioning to managing the operational group quickly in 2016.

First as Chief Operating Officer, i.e. Head of the Senior Back Office, and then from 2018 until his departure in 2021 as Head of UBS Switzerland.

Lehmann has been looking for a new CEO for a long time, it is said in Zurich Square. Internally, two directors are considered papillary:

Christian Messnerwho heads the investment bank of the big bank, and is responsible for global private banking at CS Francesco Deferrari.

Tom Naratell was originally at Paine Webber, the US bank that wound up with UBS for $20 billion over two decades ago.

Big in USA almost brought the Swiss into a meltdown in 2008 – they had to be bailed out by local taxpayers.

Financial Times Thriller (F)

During the Great Crisis, Naratil began to climb sharply. 2009 Head of Finance and Risk at US Wealth Management, 2011 Group Chief Financial Officer at Zurich Group Headquarters, 2014 Chief Operating Officer, replaced by Lehmann.

With his transition to private banking, Naratil left the world of numbers and operations for the first time and became a client banker. Since 2018, as Head of Wealth Management Americas, he has also been Co-Head of Global Private Banking:

First with the failed Martin Blessing from Germany, the last almost 3 years with Iqbal Khan, who came from CS.

Naratil lacks the necessary knowledge of trading and investment banking, says a longtime observer at Credit Suisse. With this still making up the bulk of CS, he probably won’t become the new CEO of Paradeplatz.