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Tom Cruise surprises the couple while outing

Tom Cruise surprises the couple while outing

This is probably the last thing you would expect on a picnic! A couple from England are surprised when they meet world superstar Tom Cruise.


The basics in brief

  • A couple from England made big eyes!
  • While hiking through the Lake District, they met Tom Cruise.
  • He was about to perform a daring stunt.

Cows, goats or sheep – such confrontations are common in the mountains. indeed world star Hollywood? It might not happen very often.

But that’s exactly what happened to married couple Sarah and Jason Highgarth. While walking in the Lake District in England, the two actually only met (60) Tom Cruise!

subordinate the actor He was doing a stunt for “Mission: Impossible 7” Implement. Jason Hegarth tells The Photo of the wonderful meeting: “It took a few moments for Sarah and I to realize who we were dealing with. It was kind of like a dream.”

But that was not all. Ex Katie Holmes (43) I even apologize to the couple for the inconvenience! Cruz said, ‘Sorry to bother you here,’ Hegarth said.

Would you like to meet a celebrity?

He is also surprised by Cruz’s kindness. He was quite friendly, says Haygarth and admits, “I thought he was arrogant.”

Perhaps the two of them will not forget this confrontation in a hurry!

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