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Tokyo Hotel star Bill Kaulitz: Sheetstorm due to TV statement

Tokyo Hotel star Bill Kaulitz: Sheetstorm due to TV statement

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06.07.2022, 22:1907/07/2022, 15:29

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Seeing Bill and Tom Kaulitz on German TV is now a rarity. If the twins in this country in Television Speaking, then mostly in relation to Heidi Klum’s “Next Top Model in Germany” selection programme. After all, Tom and Heidi are a couple. Now they can be seen in a completely different format: “Böhmi sizzles”.

On his cooking show, Jan Böhmermann invites one notable guest for each episode who cooks and talks with him. The second season of the ZDFneo show has been running since July 2 and Boomerman shoots with Bill and Tom Kaulitz at the start. After that, Bill had to deal with a storm of bullshit Because the Tokio hotel singer’s statement was not well received by users.

Bill Kaulitz accused of degeneration

on me tik tok Bill uploaded a clip from the show of him and Tom talking about cooking, not cooking, respectively. Because Bill revealed himself:

“I don’t cook at all and often order three times a day. I often order breakfast in the morning too.”

He went on to say: “But I like a well-equipped kitchen, which means I have all the appliances simply because it looks so good.” But he admitted that he did not know how they would work. Then Tom said dryly, “Unsympathetic, that’s all I can say. I cook a lot.”

Other people shared Tom’s opinion. On the last episode of the podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood,” which Bill and Tom published together, Bill said:

“It got such a storm. The clip got over two million clicks in less than 24 hours.”

In fact, some users in the comments on TikTok were upset with Bill’s statement – he’s accused of some decadence. “Tell me you’re rich without telling me you’re rich”, “What Bill asks three times a day, I must run all week for what it costs” and “You must have money” were just three negative comments in this context. Another wrote, reprimanding, “How can you change with such negativity?”

While Bill basically caused a lack of understanding, his brother Tom was really good with social communication on me. “Tom is very elegant. And I think he looks good.” And “Today I Wonder Why I Liked Bill and Not Tom 15 Years Ago” are some of the examples.

On Bohme’s Cooking Show: Here’s What Bill and Tom Kaulitz Presented

On the podcast, Tom wondered what might be causing people to be upset. Tom defended his brother: “It’s your money and you can do whatever you want with it.” At the same time, the guitarist said, half-sarcastically: “I totally agree with you. That’s unsympathetic, you’re not doing anything anyway.”

By the way: In the episode “Böhmi sizzles”, Bill and Tom prepared Duck with red cabbage and pancakes according to her grandmother’s recipe. For dessert, Boomermann contributed pancakes.

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