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Toffner Gross wins the 2021 Stadt Land Talent

Yesterday evening, a little after 10:30, it was clear: the formation “Tüüfner Gruess” is the first winner of the new TV format “Stadt Land Talent” from SRF TV.

Twelve individuals or groups participated in the financial broadcast. They received a maximum of 30 points from a three-person jury. Werner Neve and his two sons Killian (13) and Nico (11) scored 28 points and took fifth place in the provisional standings, while they excelled with 30 points in the preliminary round.

But the trio of Teufen captured the hearts of the audience, who were allowed to cast their votes by phone. The family band, featured in brown pants, studded suspenders, and a white “choli shirt”, took the lead by 30 percentage points. None or none of the contestants got more than 30 points in the public vote, so the win in the end remained with 58 points. Michelle Bircher had 54 points, “Janine and Fabian” 43 points, followed by Amy Fothie (42), “Rock Academy” (38) and “Sira and Sardjan” with 35 points.

Mother Emilia Nef-Inaween with Killian and sister Nico followed the success of her three husbands into the television studio. Farmer Werner Neff has already celebrated the successes of previous years with the “Gartehöckler” trio and the “Moos am Rogge” band.