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to caution!  Resident Evil 4 Remake contains a game-breaking bug

to caution! Resident Evil 4 Remake contains a game-breaking bug

Once you know what not to do, this mistake can be easily avoided.

The bad news: There is a game-breaking bug in Resident Evil 4 Remake that prevents you from receiving a certain key item and thus not being able to complete the story.

The good news: The error only occurs under very specific circumstances that you can easily avoid if you know what’s going on. We’ll tell you — without spoilers, of course — what to look out for.

This is how you avoid progression errors

Capcom tweeted about the error, apologizing for the circumstances and saying it was already working on a solution. The development team also revealed exactly what you need to do to ensure that the error does not happen to you.

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  • When can the error occur? At the beginning of the twelfth chapter.
  • What happens at this point (spoiler-free)? The chapter begins with a movie scene. Immediately after that you have a key in your inventory, which is the subject of the cut-scene.
  • In what situation could the error occur at this point? Very simple: when you wave your knife. But this is not at all necessary at this point. Therefore – keep your fingers off the board until a notification appears in the upper right corner of the screen notifying you that you have received the main item. If you appeal too early, you may simply not receive the item.

After the message appears, you can easily check in your bag if the item is already in your inventory. You will not find it in consumables, but in the Treasures and Essentials tab.

Spoiler alert: In the next section we will tell you what an element is.

You have already continued playing and want to check next if you received the item? Then you know what it’s about: It’s Key Lewis. If it’s not in your inventory after said point, you currently have two options: either reload an old save to get it at the start of Chapter 12, or wait a few days.

Capcom announced in a tweet that they will use the fix to make sure you can continue playing if the error has already occurred and you want to continue playing on your save without reloading again.

Are you already at this point and have you received the item?