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Tiny Tina's wonderland: weapons, loot, magic, enemies and more details

Tiny Tina’s wonderland: weapons, loot, magic, enemies and more details

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a game within the Borderlands sub-region, is coming next year – and we learned a lot about the game, its characters, loot, and more at IGN Expo.

Speaking to IGN in the trailer details (below), Creative Director Matt Cox walks us through some of the important parts of the trailer and gives us a much better idea of ​​what’s to come in the action adventure.

Tiny Tina Miracles – Setup and important details

Wonderlands is set shortly after Assault on Dragon Keep, the Borderlands 2 DLC expansion that spawned this entire show – although Cox made it clear that you don’t need to know this story to play this, as it’s an entirely new adventure set in a new about-the-world.

Set in an “unpredictable fantasy world,” a fast-changing four-player co-op game in which Tiny Tina changes history (and thus the game world) through Bunkers & Badasses and Borderlands Fantasy Dungeons & Dragons. Cox points out that this may not be a single-player story game, and notes that there is plenty of loot and “end-game reproducible content.”

Tina’s Little Wonders – Hauptcharaktere

Unlike the main Borderlands games, players will create and customize their own heroes that take on multiple classes. It is not clear whether the signals are audible or silent.

There is a lot of talent for singing outside of players. Ashley Birch returns as Tiny Tina, Andy Samberg (Lonely Island) will speak to Captain Valentine, Will Arnett (LEGO Batman, Bojack Horseman) will play the main antagonist Dragon Lord and Wanda Sykes (Harley Quinn, Broad City) will play the role of “robots” Ferrite said: Obsessed with the rules.

The character in the trailer is not playable – we don’t yet know who they are, but was voiced by veteran voice actor Gabe Konda.

Little Tina’s Wonders – Guns, Loot and Magic

As you’d expect, Wonderlands focuses a lot on weapons and loot. Cox says the weapons aren’t customizable, but there’s plenty to be found along the way — and they’ll come in the form of rifles, melee weapons, and spells. You will also discover armor and amulets (designed to add skills or change stats). One Borderlands is your staple food Habit Grenades can be found in Wunderland which appear to have been replaced by spells.

Player characters’ abilities are also activated based on their class, but spells can be added to your skill set. “We like to think of our spells as subtle skills because of their strength and variety of behaviors,” Cox says.

Tina’s Little Wonders – Feinde

Aside from Will Arnett’s Dragon Lord, Wonderlands aims to turn archetypal fantasy creatures into something more suitable for Tiny Tina.

The trailer features a normal looking dragon, as well as skeletons that explode underground – but there are also some well-muscled great white sharks with legs in them. “In high fantasy, you can expect some slightly distorted situations,” Cox says.

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