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Tier to make series 2-2 – Jörg penalty followed by Carr hat-trick: Logano is back – Sports

Tier to make series 2-2 – Jörg penalty followed by Carr hat-trick: Logano is back – Sports

  • HC Lugano won the fourth match of the quarter-final series against Friborg Gotteron at home 3-2 after extra time.
  • Daniel Carr scored the famous winner just 33 seconds into extra time.
  • The series is now 2:2. The fifth match will be held on Sunday evening in Freiburg.

While Louganese's side start the weekend off with a bang, there's probably one person in particular from Freiburg's squad struggling to sleep after Game 4: Mauro Jörg. The 33-year-old veteran committed a dangerous and — as it turned out — unnecessary foul just 22 seconds into overtime on the offensive blue line. As Jörg went into the box, Daniel Carr, who was fouled again, got up and took his position on the power play.

11 seconds: Ticino didn't need much to capitalize on their numerical advantage and finish off the game, much to the delight of the home fans at the Cornier Arena. After Calvin Thorkauf won the face-off, the puck passed over Mark Arcobello and Michael Jolly to Carr, who caught Brito Berra with a shot right into the near post to make it a 3-2 final.

Lack of discipline is costly

Special Teams played a crucial role not only in scoring the winning goal. Numerous penalty kicks on both sides had a significant impact on the course of the match during normal time. Carr's first goal of the game came in the seventh minute shortly after Gottieron had survived an outnumbered first, and with Carr's second goal in the 14th minute, Logano recorded his first power-play win.

Freiburg were briefly shaken and their game got better towards the end of the first third. This surge was rewarded with Andreas Borgmann's goal in the 18th minute. The Swede beat Niklas Schlegel, who returned to play aggressively from a tight angle.

After a scoreless middle third, Logano almost begged for an equalizer in the final period after several unruly moments. This came in the 51st minute. Gutierron left his 5-on-3 advantage unused, but at 5-on-4 the score was 2-2. Chris DiDomenico returned the ball to Ryan Gunderson, who shot it hard.

Best of 7 becomes best of 3

As was the case Wednesday in Game 3 at BCF Arena, Game 4 was very physical and on the cusp. Boundaries were again explored on both sides, and it was not uncommon for physical play to cross the mark, reflected in 16 minor penalties.

So it will come as no surprise that a lack of discipline will also play a crucial role in the continuation of this series. The next meeting between Freiburg and Lugano is scheduled to take place on Sunday evening. The battle will then be for the first semi-final match.