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Ticker from the weekend: A half marathon in Australia and an amazing time on the slide

Ticker from the weekend: A half marathon in Australia and an amazing time on the slide

Last weekend was all about the premiere of the T100 tour and the canceled WTCS season opener. But there was another sensation on the scene.

Peter Jacob / Spomedis Jonas Hoffman is one of the fastest runners in triathlons. He is a leader among experts. (archive image)

Jonas Hoffman won the half marathon in the traditional event

Jonas Hoffman continues to prove that he is a strong runner in triathlon competitions. Last weekend, the 27-year-old took part in a half-marathon in Kandel (Rhineland-Palatinate) as part of the well-known Beinewald Marathon – a 30-hour training week with an 84-kilometer run. His coach's instructions were to finish the 21.1 kilometers just above the threshold. The result was 1:05:48 hours and first place overall. Hoffman finished second, ahead of professional runner Simon Stutzel, by a good two minutes.

All the results are there Here.

Caleb Noble won at Mooloolaba

The closest finish was the Mooloolaba Triathlon, which has a permanent place on the Australian racing calendar. Australian Caleb Noble won the Olympic distance in the finish sprint and subsequent dive. Officially he crossed the finish line after 1:45:53 hours in the same time as second placed Charlie Quinn (AUS). In the post-finish section, Noble was definitely ahead, sliding a few meters on his stomach on the still-wet carpet – impressively visible in the Instagram post linked below. Third place went to Curt Macdonald of Australia after 1:47:26 hours.

Australia's Rachel Hill also won the women's category. She finished in 1:56:51 hours. Dutch Lode Wilms finished second after 2:00:59 hours. Emily Donker (AUS) completed the podium in 2:06:35.

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