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Thursday World Cup – US win against Latvia 2nd Thanks for the third game

Thursday’s World Cup – US win against Latvia 2nd 3rd strongest game – SRF

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Group B:

United States – Latvia 4: 2: After an early loss to Finland (1: 2), the United States saw their feet in the World Cup in Riga. In the battle with the hosts Latvia, the American selection won 4-2. After the Latvians were able to make up for the two-thirds deficit in the opening three minutes, both goals from Trevor Moore and Matthew Berniers went unanswered in the middle third within 107 seconds. With this victory, the Americans are now advancing to the quarterfinals. Latvia, on the other hand, need to improve if they want to qualify for the final.

SRF Sway, Sportlive, May 27, 2021, 3:00 p.m.

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