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"Thuram is coming for Embolo because he has to go to the doping department"

“Thuram is coming for Embolo because he has to go to the doping department”

Reactions to the Embolo Concert: “Historic – We Love You”

Gladbach pay Bayern Munich from the German Federation Cup. Brill Embolo is involved in every target. The ceremony does not leave the masses nor the media indifferent.


Brill Embolo is the standout man in Gladbach’s 5-0 DFB Cup win over Bayern Munich. No wonder the Swiss are celebrated by the press and social media.

Breel Embolo participates in all five goals: with the first hit, he gives an assist, and the second he starts with the decisive front pass. Embolo also takes the penalty kick, which leads to the score 3-0. The 24-year-old scored 4-0 and 5-0 by himself (Click here for video highlights).

Having had to run through the media after a lackluster performance against Hertha Berlin (0:1) at the weekend, newspapers are now singing one hymn of praise after another for Basler. until the “kicker” He writes about “the outstanding Swiss of the day” after the trade magazine called up a Natty striker over the weekend The worst Gladbacher Witnessed bankruptcy in Berlin.

also in “” Embolo, who was also honored as a player in the match against Bayern Munich, did his best and was given a rating of 10/10 – “Embolo caused Upamecano’s absolute nightmares!”

There is also praise for the striker from Bayern Munich legend and ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger for “a very good match from him”. “This is one of the best Breel Embolo games I’ve seen so far,” the ARD commentator said during the match.

In addition to Embolo, Eberl also praises Elvedi

Gladbach’s sporting director, Max Eberl, also clearly highlights Embolo in the “Sky” of Gladbach’s powerful collegiate group. He is “tough with such an achievement”, but: “Brille Empolo must be mentioned as a great player today.”

Eberl also saw another particularly strong player – also a Swiss: “Nico Elvedi made a great match against Lewandowski.” The central defender managed to completely eliminate the world-class Polish striker, and Lewandowski did not get a single real chance.

Nice gesture from April. Of course, the main celebration is Breel Embolo. Whether in the press or on social media. You can see the best tweets about the Embolo gala in the video at the beginning of the article.

Hetter cheers after 5-0 against Bayern: ‘Almost perfect match’

Borussia Mönchengladbach impressively won the second round of the DFB Cup 5-0 against Bayern Munich. Coach Eddie Hutter praises his team and “Granit” Brill Ambolo.