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Thrill in America: Franconian Village Butcher Named Sausage-Making World Champion – Mohrendorf, Herzogenarach, Hochstadt

– He’s done it again: After Möhrendorf’s “village butcher” Jürgen Reck already won the European Championship in sausage making this year, he and the all-German team “Butcherwolfpack” won the Butcher World Championship in the USA.

In the “World Butchers Challenge”, Reg from Germany and his fellow butchers ended up on the podium of the international competition, which was held in the North American city of Sacramento (the capital of the US state of California).

Thank you message on Instagram

Shortly after the German “wolves” faced a tough expert jury verdict with their sausage work, Jürgen Reck posted on Instagram: “The day after the competition… I’m still beautiful… I love it. Thank you to everyone here who has supported me so far and my spinning career. Thank you to all the supporters. Dear Daniela, Laura, Elena… Thank you Dad, Mom… Thank you to all my relatives who cheered me on… including the one who unfortunately left too soon, but definitely proud to see. My entire team who stood behind me and kept me free. “To all my friends who have supported us personally across all channels, you are all the best! Now it’s time to wait for the result… It’s exciting. No matter how it turns out, I’m proud to rock this scene with the #butcherwolfpack team,” the social media caption read. Then Reg said.

The fear was rewarded, and on Monday Rec and the remaining six-man team were crowned world champions.

He won the European Championship in July

After Reg won the European Championships in July 2022 and won a bronze medal in the USA last year (2021), this year’s victory in the USA further validates his work.