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Three people died of a mysterious lung disease

A total of nine cases were found in the clinic

Three people died in Argentina from “pneumonia of unknown cause”.

In Argentina, nine people developed pneumonia – and three patients have already died. The cause of the disease is not known. The health authority is confused.

Three people have died of mysterious pneumonia in Argentina. (Icon picture)

According to the Argentine health authorities, three people died of “pneumonia of unknown cause”. As the health minister of the northwestern province of Tucumán, Luis Medina Ruiz, announced Thursday, nine cases of the respiratory illness were found in a private clinic there. Eight of the patients were or were clinic nurses. Three of the injured have died since Monday.

Health authorities are now trying to find out which pathogen is causing the pneumonia. During investigations at a famous laboratory in the capital, Buenos Aires, coronaviruses, influenza A and B viruses and hantaviruses have already been ruled out as possible causes.