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Three new car and bike outlets provide space for 30 bicycles

Three new car and bike outlets provide space for 30 bicycles

Presentation of new car and bike outlets (from left): Inga Wolf (Municipal Mobility Department), MP Dr. Thomas Palutz, Wolfgang Wonsyld, owner of the Wonsyld fashion and sports store in Altmarkt, Gdańska-based landlord Czesław Golebiewski, and Maximilian Janitzky, creative director IndieRadar Rohr (Photo: Stadt Oberhausen/Tom Thun)

Oberhausen. Responsible Deputy Dr. Thomas Palutz introduced the new car and bike outlets in the Altmarkt. Due to the outline in the shape of a car, the outlets for cars and bicycles installed in the center of Oberhausen quickly attract attention and offer cyclists Cyclists have a new and attractive way to park their bikes.

The unusual shape of this new bike parking facility aims to make the different space requirements for bikes and cars visible in public spaces and to raise public awareness about how much space is occupied by cars parked in public spaces. After all, cars sit still on average more than 23 hours a day, thus taking up a lot of space in the city that could be used for climate-friendly modes of transport like bicycles, for example. Instead of three cars, there is now room for 30 bikes in the area.

Czeslaw Golebiewski, manager of the nearby Polish restaurant Gdanska, is pleased that his guests now have the opportunity to leave their bikes there.