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Three hopes were given • JPGAMES.DE

Three hopes were given • JPGAMES.DE

After Nintendo Direct, Nintendo also announced a limited edition Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes at. This may have happened Not only for EuropeAnd the But also in Japan And the same preview image was used for this, because the versions offer the same content.

In Japan, the limited edition is called the Treasure Box, like many collector’s editions of the Koei Tecmo. on the Japanese Fire Emblem Warriors . account You can now put the contents Treasure chest in front. She is in Japan with Jim City and in My Nintendo Store Already available for pre-order.

Next to the game you can see a preview of three of the five shapes made of acrylic as well as a texture of the Fódlan map. There’s also a preview of the art book and some art cards.

Edelgaard, Dimitri and Claude

The acrylic figures and card art shown so far show Idelgaard, Dimitri, and Claude. No surprise. With other variations, you probably don’t want to expect anything about the game.

From the product description we can also see that the Fódlan map will be approximately 820 x 606 mm. The art book is in A4 format and the acrylic figures range from 10 to 13 cm in height.

While the design of the packaging will certainly be different in North America and Europe, the content will likely be the same. So you can taste the limited European version here.

Japanese treasure chest

Artwork: Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, nintendoKoi Tecmo, Omega Force